I Watch The Bees

Not too long ago, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Supernatural.

Sidenote: I’m summing EVERYTHING down for people who don’t watch the show, because…well, I don’t think anyone cares to know much about the biographies of characters they’ve never known.

Castiel, an angel, said one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever heard. It’s simple, really, a phrase consisting of no more than eight words. This phrase managed to have me thinking philosophically and critically about everything I’ve done with my life. This phrase managed to have me ripping apart everything I thought I knew. Not that I was solving The DaVinci Code or anything, but it essentially made me reevaluate how I live my life.

You see, I am a person who is consistently aggressive-about everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am aggressive in my opinions. In how I say them, in how I inflict them. Everything. I spend more time focusing on getting things right (to my own personal standards) than I do realizing the time I’ve got left in this life is limited.

Time does not go on forever.

There is beauty in everything around us, in everyone around us.

The way I lived my life was to ignore these things, if at all possible. I would focus on everything that was intrusive, irritating, ugly, obscene, or otherwise not to my liking. It made me a very rude person, not remotely delightful to be around.

Castiel said, “I don’t fight anymore. I watch the bees”. It sounds ridiculous, but I thought of how wonderfully articulate that phrase is. Instead of being an overagressive participant in life, he chooses now to be a peaceful one, taking in the beauty of something so simple…such as bee watching.

It means so much…I refuse to let myself be taken over by aggressive and destructive tendencies, instead, I choose to exist in a more peaceful world and watch over the peaceful inhabitants of it. It’s almost a message of hope to remember to value the little things in life instead of looking for the negative or being hyper-defensive. Almost a reminder to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the simplicity of nature and life.

With that, I watch the bees.


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