Organizing +Update

So, lately I’ve been really determined to make my room (I still live with my parents, so I don’t have a large space to live in) a bit more useful and multipurpose. I hadn’t had a desk for an exceptionally long time, so I finally decided to make the purchase to buy a desk. I went to Ikea on Sunday for the first time (!!!) and after a really long, tiring shift that I worked for the first time as a shift lead at my job (!!!) and found the absolute perfect desk.


It is the Alex desk from Ikea that I purchased and ended up assembling by myself. The drive from Ikea to my home was difficult since the box didn’t fit in the backseat or in the trunk. We had to put the seats down and have Shallon (my sister) lay down on top of them and the box. It was hilarious.

We then traveled to HomeGoods, where I purchased a few accessories for my desk — a large white mug with “give thanks” written on it, in calligraphy, in a taupe color. I’ve utilized this for pens and pencils and it makes a lovely addition to my collection.


Another one is a large cup/bowl/possibly used for a large candle at one point with my initial on it in gold mirrored lettering. This will probably used to hold a small basket of flowers at some point.


The other “cup” I got was a large one that is in the shape of a goblet. It is silver and appears slightly cracked on the bottom (intentionally) and I’m currently using it to house makeup brushes.


I also purchased an acrylic makeup container with drawers that’s really nice and compact in a good way, but also a little TOO compact. Pictures attached will help explain. I bought lipstick containers too that seem to be a little too short, but it’s perfect for all the trial lipsticks or mini products I’ve received as parts of purchases (I’m always such a sucker for those “spend $30, get x amount of products free!” ). The majority of my makeup (or at least the products I reach for the most) seem to fit in the acrylic drawers rather well.

image7 image3 image6

As I got home, I removed the box from the abnormal positioning in the car and dragged it to my room. I unloaded the box and it took me roughly three and a half  hours to put together. Over the course of two days, naturally. It was about 80 pounds and I am still sore from lifting it.


I began watching the series Mad Men on Netflix and it is shockingly addicting. It follows the whirlwind time of the 1960s advertising industry where sexual advances made at the expense of women in offices were not only acceptable, but expected. It features Jon Hamm as frontman Don Draper and follows his life and career with the company Stirling Cooper. If you can, I highly suggest watching it on Netflix!

That’s just about everything I have to catch anyone up on!

Until next time!



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