Long time coming since I’ve seen your face…

January 11, 2015.

It is officially a new year and it has been almost an entire year since I have posted on here, which I guess means I have a lot to catch up on.

Over the last year, a lot has happened. For example, a biggie, I moved back in with my father. There are still some issues, but at this point, I don’t think much is going to change, and I shouldn’t expect it to. I am old enough now to know that, as my father says, “a tiger don’t change its stripes”.

I don’t necessarily agree with “New Year’s Resolutions”, but I have made a small promise/commitment to myself. I have promised myself I will try to be healthier this year. By this I mean I will drink more water, eat less garbage (I write, as I stare guilt-ridden at the “party size” bag of assorted chocolates that adorn my bedroom floor), be more patient, more organized, take multi-vitamins, and attend more doctors’ appointments. Part of this included scheduling an appointment with a therapist. Unbeknownst to me, he ended up being a lot less “therapy” and a lot more about prescribing me with medication to combat my anxiety. It worked for a while…until I lost my medication (twice) and his secretary verbally attacked me. She’s 90% of the reason why I decided to cancel all future appointments with him. It didn’t help that I didn’t feel like I was being helped. So, I cancelled all future appointments with him. I would discuss it in a more detailed way, but as a part of my new commitment to myself, I have decided to cease dwelling on the past and things that annoy me, but rather focus on the things that made me happy.

Some of the highlights include:

my 20th birthday, October 1st, 2014…

Scarlett, pictured on the RIGHT, invited me to her house on the night of my birthday because she “didn’t want me to be alone”, which seemed perfectly understandable. She has a deep affinity for birthdays. Nonetheless, I hung out with my sister (best friend, not pictured), Shallon, all day and got to her house later than I said I would. When I called Scarlett she seemed irritated, and it bothered me because I simply could not understand why. I got to Scarlett’s, assuming I was picking her up to hang out. She told me to get in the house, because she needed to finish getting ready. I walked in to a pitch black house to find all of my best friends, including Linda, pictured on my LEFT. It was a really awesome experience and tons of fun. I had never had a surprise party and it was just really wonderful that everyone put in that extra effort to be there. The decorations were super cute and just to my taste-black with white polka dots and red balloons. There was a red velvet cake (my favourite, but everyone else’s least favourite haha) and it was just really awesome. When I opened the presents, Scarlett had bought me a Law and Order: The True Stories book and Antonella had bought me something super amazing too. She bought me tickets to see one of my favourite bands, Bastille! It was one of the most amazing things I could ever receive. It was genuinely one of the best days ever with my friends and it was just really laid-back and nice to be around everyone for my birthday.

image2 (3)

The Three Musketeers production at CSUSB in the first few weeks of November…


The production of The Three Musketeers at my school was very well put together and the cast was amazing. The lines were delivered exceptionally well and it was all wonderful. There is nothing more soothing to me than a theatre production or a film. They take us away from the dreary problems and stress we exist in day-to-day and place us into the lives of others, perhaps someone more adventurous, daring, romantic…whatever the case. It’s my favorite thing to be able to experience a film or theatre production because I feel like I can escape being who I am for a second. For a split moment, I don’t have to worry about school, my job, my family, myself. I don’t have to worry about a thing except the drama that occurs in the production. I think the other thing I find soothing about productions is that, while they have a climax and a tipping point of the conflict, as life often mirrors, they end in resolution. Life does not always possess this quality, but seeing it through other sources somehow shows it exists and gives hope. Nonetheless, this particular production was hilarious, the lines were delivered well, and the cast acted beautifully. Meeting them at the end of the night was a real treat-they were all so kind and humble, which was great. I enjoyed meeting them and watching them in the show.

the best day ever, Bastille ft. Ella Eyre & grizfolk concert in Los Angeles, November 20th, 2014

Upon arrival to the Shrine in LA, there was already a line. Not a large one, but a decent one for 2pm and 5 hours before the start of a concert.

image1 (2)

Waiting gave me so much anticipation, but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless. Antonella and I had brought blankets (it was freezing), chairs, and things to keep us occupied. She bought us rice balls at one point and I painted her nails in the line. We had a good time despite the weather conditions (I was also wearing shorts, so that’s my fault), the awkwardness of everyone there, the 5 hour wait, and the fact that our phones were dying (haha, very bad for a concert)

image3 (1) image2 (2) image23

TIP: make sure your phone is full on battery and try not to use it during your wait because even if you have a portable charger (which we did), it doesn’t always last for a FULL charge. Try to occupy your time with other things…but not something exceptionally heavy because you’re either going to be carrying it or lugging it back to your car. ALSO, to make your battery last longer…try not to take SO many pictures of the opening act (unless, of course, they’re your favorite…and the reason you’re there) because by the time the headliners come out, you’ve got 782 pictures of the opening act and 15% battery and 12 pictures worth of space left on your phone. 

After the line, we finally got inside and the arena seemed like a large dance hall…similar to something one experiences in junior high for the “dances”. I got in fairly early with Antonella so we managed to be within the first few rows, which was AWESOME.


(I apologize for the difficulty and the strain in your neck from trying to see the picture). Dan Smith of Bastille posted this picture on his twitter after the concert, and if you can see the girl who is holding the red sign, I am slightly in front of her. That gives a pretty good idea of how close we were.

grizfolk went on first, and while they aren’t entirely my style of music (they sort of sound like Mumford & Sons, or thats what they remind me of), they were really great and performed really well. They interacted with the audience really well and were great overall. I got to meet up with them afterwards and they were all super kind and talkative. They acknowledged my friend’s iPhone case (Marvel’s super heroes) and were just really kind and funny. Pictures of that are below:


image4 (2)

image5 (2)

You should definitely check them out and see if they’re for you.


After they performed, Ella Eyre had gone on. She has one of the most amazing stage presences I’ve ever experienced. She is the cutest thing and is so full of energy. Her song, Comeback, was amazing and she requested audience participation, which was wonderful. She is, hands down, talented, and energetic. She seemed so dedicated to the song and the performance. It was lovely and enchanting. She waved at me at one point!


(lol, she was totally waving at me)




She was an amazing performer and I definitely recommend checking out her EP and single “Comeback”, which I will post below:


After she had come and gone, Bastille was ready to go on. Honestly, Bastille gave such an incredible performance. Dan Smith is a brilliant performer and musician generally. At times when he wasn’t singing and decided to have a conversation with the audience, he was humble and sweet. His English accent coating his words like honey was soothing and sweet. He seemed comfortable yet nervous at the same time and it was exceptionally charming. I was really impressed with all of the band members, they performed so well. Kyle and his accompaniment during “Pompeii” was lovely. Will on bass and Woody on drums was also brilliant. Woody does amazingly at percussion. I was really proud of them.


This is Dan and Ella performing “No Angels”, which is their cover of “No Scrubs”. originally by TLC, but with an added part by the xx. You can listen to it on this playlist:


This is a playlist I made that includes a variety of my favorite covers by some of my favorite bands.

  image10 (1)

 image8 (1)

image9 (1)

 image7 (1) 

image6 (1)

 image5 (1)

 image4 (1)

 image1 (1)

As you can see, we caught some pretty awesome sights, as our seats were INCREDIBLE.





During “Pompeii”, there were cannons on either side of the stage that were full of confetti and shot out at us towards the end. It was wonderful and felt like a small celebration of sorts. It felt like I’d accomplished something. In that moment, I swear we were infinite. It was really a miraculous experience. It really felt amazing, it felt very freeing. Like letting go of dead weight for the first time and I think it’s powerful that these feelings can be conveyed through music and confetti.


–pre-Christmas Christmas with Shallon (my other half & best friend/sister)

Shallon and I decided to celebrate our Christmas a bit early (because we were too excited to exchange gifts). I got her a lot of makeup and beauty related items, as it happens to be what makes us both happiest in the world. I got her a set of One Direction perfume, a small set of 10 OPI nail polishes, a small set of NYX cosmetics (which were on sale for $10 shhh) and the Naked 2 palette.


She nearly lost her mind over that one. The colours were absolutely breathtaking and the brush is phenomenal. I was sick with envy just opening the box when it shipped to my house. It’s beautiful and the colours are versatile with any complexion or look. Day to night, the colors are beyond perfection and I highly recommend purchasing it. You can find it on Sephora.com, any of the Sephora stores near you, Ulta.com, any of the Ulta stores near you, or UrbanDecay.com. She purchased for me the following:


  • The Lorac royal eye shadows collection which includes 4 small palettes with 4 eyeshadows each (a total of 16 long lasting, highly pigmented shadows!) The colors are really beautiful and very natural with a pop of color. I HIGHLY recommend that collection.
  • The Jersey Boys film CD because I enjoyed the film so much, the musical adaptation, and the Four Seasons. It was a really good film, but now I can’t seem to get Sherry out of my head…sheeerry…sherry baby…sheeeeeerry…
  • A set of the Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerballs. Marc Jacobs makes some of the loveliest perfumes. They are light but enchanting and soft. They’re floral without being exceptionally overwhelming. Currently Daisy Dream and Daisy eau so fresh are my favorites. Daisy eau so fresh is really floral but also seemingly fruity.
  • Finally, she bought me a Maleficent pin from Disneyland because I was collecting them and Maleficent is my favorite villain, Sleeping Beauty my favorite princess and princess-film.

We had a good time together and her family treats me better than my own family does. It was nice to be around someone for the holidays and the family was kind and gentle to me.

A few days prior to Christmas:

My Pappou (“grandfather” in Greek) could not figure out what to get me for Christmas and out popped my grandmother asking if I wanted an iPad. No more than 24 hours later, I am standing in line, at Costco, holding my brand new iPad mini. It was exciting and wonderful. My Pappou does literally everything for me. He purchased my laptop, now my iPad…it concerns me what he plans on purchasing for me next year…a house, perhaps?

All joking aside, I refuse to admit that there will be a day when he is no longer a part of my life. It scares me to my core and I know that means I need to truly appreciate him while he is here. I need to  be more patient with him, and believe me, I am trying. My family tests my patience on the daily, but my Pappou has been there for me in more circumstances and in heavier weather than anyone else that I know. He is my rock and he is my everything. Both he and my yiayia and I need to check on them more and truly appreciate everything that they do for me.

Christmas Eve with my family

This day was eventful, as it always is. It starts with a lot of cleaning and screaming and pretending we like each other. Nonetheless the day ended at some point and somewhere along the way, I received a Steve Madden bag from my “secret santa”, which was amazing. The bag was nice, but receiving it specifically from my tio Ray was even nicer. He’s such a pleasant person and eternally grateful for everything he has. He’s a very positive person and he’s nice to be around. I love him a lot.


It is wonderful and Tiffany blue.

Jacquelyn, his daughter, queen of the selfies, wanted pictures with me all night and both her brother (and mine) kept blocking all of our attempts. Here is that attempt.


Antonella showed up a few hours later to eat and drop off a gift. She brought me an “authentic” 1920s lipstick. Essentially, this website makes lipsticks that are to be true to the color of a specific decade. She knows how much I love the 1920s, hence that specific one.

Have a look and let me know if you purchase any of the beautiful lipsticks they have on the site!

She also brought me an Iron Man sippy tumbler cup because Iron Man is my favorite superhero, after Batman.


From then until present:

I’ve been buying myself gifts here and there, trying to reorganize my life a little bit. I start school up again on Monday and I’m slightly concerned and nervous, but I think I’m ready to tackle this part of my life. Classes are getting harder, but I think I can handle it. Let’s see.

FIND OF THE WEEK: there is this website called triftbooks.com and I highly recommend checking it out. I purchased three books from there for under $10 including shipping. It is wonderful! The books might be used, but as long as they are in “good” or “very condition”, I’m not complaining (my friends are snickering in the background because they know how anal I am about the condition of my books). I’m only anal retentive about the condition of my books if I purchase them brand new. Then they can’t be cracked or bent in any way. It hurts my soul!

But enough about me!

I’ve learned a lot, I think, over the last few months and I can only hope I continue to grow and change in a positive way!

Until next time!



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