December 2012
December is the coldest month. I am starting to see why.

January 2013
When you left, you took everything, and you were everything, and everything you left behind smelled like you. It is so dark.

I ran away from home.

February 2013
The city smoke chokes my lungs. I no longer like what I’ve become.

March 2013
Who knew you could still feel like drowning even when you were out of the water?

April 2013
We sampled memories from your collarbone. I was trying to figure myself out. I was trying to love the moon.

May 2013
We are told to hate cliches. Watching the sunrise was cliche, and so was meeting a mysterious stranger. He kissed me in my bedroom. He held my arms to stop the trembling. He turned me into a cliche.

It is not so dark anymore.
I walked out the door smiling to myself.

June 2013
My tongue has learned to forget you. I speak in his language instead. (I found someone else)

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | 6 Months To Forget You: Switzerland

Journal entries 2013-2014. (Part 2 here)


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