I’m not a pre-law student.

I am taking a criminology course in which I feel like a pre-law undergraduate student.

Everything is so extensive, it’s stressing me out slightly.

And by slightly…I mean a lot.

However, the material is so engrossing. I actually feel intelligent knowing a little bit about something. (it helps knowing I’ll understand what they’re discussing in Law and Order too…)

I don’t know what it is, but I actually love this class.

Despite the fact that my professor is absolutely intolerable. He’s an insufferable man with a short fuse. Consistently berating his students, he often goes red in the face from agitation.

I’m not remotely inspired by him, and I nearly fear him. He’s frightening and makes me want to leave the class altogether.

But I will persevere and I shall overcome, for the sake of intelligence.

The way my professor behaves is an insult to my intellectuality and my humanity.

But the course material is so interesting, it’s worth the abuse.

We shall, we shall, we shall overcome.

I need to update on my life a little more.
I’ve been so stressed out lately, I just haven’t had the time or patience for anything. I never feel like doing anything but bathing and watching Netflix. I’m always tired and, yet I stay awake until 2 in the morning. My friends are an issue because I can’t control my emotions and I act like an asshole unnecessarily and they take it seriously. It’s never intentional (sidenote: you can still be convicted of a crime if you committed an illegal crime with the intent of committing it, but were unaware it was illegal), but I understand that’s no justification.


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