It’s been a minute since I’ve written.

I feel like I don’t know how anymore.

I suppose to recap quickly, I don’t feel like myself anymore.
I want to rebel and get out of the system of things.

I feel like my major (the one I chose) isn’t right for me anymore. I feel like an idiot in my classes because I know nothing. I’m physically incapable of studying because I find it monotonous and boring…plus the material doesn’t stick.

I am unsatisfied with the way I look. I feel ugly and fat. I’m not too concerned with being fat because I’ve always been fat. But my teeth look yellower with each passing day and it feels revolting. I don’t smoke. I brush daily. It’s irritating.

I wish to travel abroad and get the hell out of dodge. I want to go to London and Venice and Paris and Athens and Dublin and Glasgow and EVERYWHERE.
I wish I could leave tonight. Pack up and get out of here.

Someday could not come sooner.


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