August: Osage County

After many a week of wanting to see August: Osage County, I ended up purchasing the actual play (written by Tracy Letts).

It is sincerely an amazing play and extraordinarily entertaining (if you’re into the things I’m into).

Because I’d had the mental images of the actors in my head as I read, it was really easy to picture the characters and you could visualize every facial expression, every word uttered…everything. But that didn’t take away from the characters at all, it made them easier to comprehend. It was really well written.

There was a pretty huge plot twist roughly 3/4 the way into the play and it was kind of those things where you’re like “oh…man, really?”.

All in all, I finished the play in just shy of an hour. I was entertained the entire way through.

There is so much action all at once and so much drama and a lot of complex characters that makes it that much more delightful to read.

I’m sure Meryl Streep will be-what she always is-FLAWLESS in this role and I expect nothing less than the best from/for this film!

I look forward to seeing it.


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