Ray LaMontagne

I have decided I’m going to start doing this thing where I talk about music I’ve recently discovered and have become infatuated with.

This week’s infatuation started with my friend introducing me to Ray LaMontagne’s Hold You In My Arms. The song is absolutely beautiful and nearly brought a tear to my eye as I listened to it. Not because it was sad, but because it was just so romantic and beautiful. I got lost in it as I listened to the melody and the lyrics. Ray LaMontagne has a slightly husky voice that doesn’t exactly scream “Broadway!” but more passionate. The sound itself is not overly complicated, but rather relaxing. It’s beautiful in every way. You can hear the piano, the guitar, the violin, the soft clapping in the background. It’s really lovely. My friend told me she could picture herself dancing to this song at her wedding and I thought that was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard (I overused the word beautiful a time or two).

Because of how quickly and passionately I had fallen in love with Ray LaMontagne’s Hold You In My Arms, I had decided to then explore more of his music and music that sounded similar to him by creating a Pandora station in his name.

Here I discovered the music of Amos Lee. Amos Lee is one of the most underrated musicians. He has a lovely way of writing music. He also has a very sweet voice and the melody of his songs traps you. Sweet Pea is a lovely little tune and it’s so very catchy. I hadn’t heard much more of his music until today and I’m glad that I had. His song, Dreamin’, is wonderful and screams soul. He’s so passionate in the way he sings and opens the song with some powerful vocal notes. He almost speaks more than sings throughout the song, but then he’ll deliver these notes that do exactly that…deliver. Amos Lee deserves attention and admirers. His music is deserving of that. I would also check him out, if I were you.

The song that played after that was If You Don’t Wanna Love Me by James Morrison. I had never heard of this person before today, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s also a very soulful song and sounds like something I would like to dance to at my wedding. Throughout the song, Morrison explains that even if his significant other wants to fight or feels like cutting him down as far as he can possibly go (almost to the point of not being able to escape his entrapment), he will stay with that person. It’s a beautiful (could I possibly say that ANYMORE) song. I sincerely hope you look into it!

Sadly, that’s the end of my night of music. My little taste. It’s 157 in the morning which is why I cannot back up my opinions with factual information, but trust me when I say, the music I’ve displayed here has been wonderful. In every sense of the word.


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