Star Trek and The Carrie Diaries

Today was a day full of watching Netflix.

I absolutely love Netflix.
I could be in a relationship with Netflix and I wouldn’t mind whatsoever.

(SIDENOTE: I saw a sweater the other day that read “I don’t want a relationship, I want a starship” and I absolutely thought it was the best thing mankind ever created.)

On Netflix, you can make a list of all the shows you’re a fan of (and by doing so, it becomes easier to flip through shows you enjoy and pick up where you last left off). My list is so oddly eclectic, I kind of love it.

My list consists of:
-Star Trek
-The Carrie Diaries
-Gossip Girl
-Sixteen Candles
-Once Upon a Time

I just recently started watching Star Trek. It’s really weird for me to be so interested in a show like this because I never dubbed myself a “sci-fi geek” (no insult nor offence intended, as I’ve become one myself). (Sidenote: Ray Bradbury is my favourite author though…). After I began watching the show, I found myself really captivated by it and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m not far into the show at all. I’m not even at S02 yet, but it’s still marvellous and I’m actually really excited because the next episode I’m going to watch has to do with Shakespearean actors. Who doesn’t love Shakespearean actors?

A show I’ve been watching since earlier this summer is Supernatural. The funny thing about this show is that I began watching it by force. I had seen the gifs online (Sidenote: tumblr! follow me here!) and I had always wondered about the show, as it looked really interesting, but I had yet to get around to it (sidenote: I’m a really big procrastinator). My friend told me how big of a fan she is of the show and absolutely forced me to watch it, after I continuously said “oh I will, I will…later”. Eventually, I watched it. All 8 seasons in a month? It sounds like a long time but I was at school and working during those months! So, I’m on a part of S09 right now and I haven’t caught up whatsoever. The last episode I watched was Dog Dean Afternoon. Or the one after. Luckily, they’re on hiatus right now, so I have a bit of time before I’m behind again! But Supernatural is one of my favourite shows and has a little bit of something for everyone. There’s action, comedy, hot guys, hot girls, slight romance, everything.

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favourite fictional characters, without a doubt. I knew there was a show on BBC entitled Sherlock. But at that time, I had such strong feelings about Benedict Cumberbatch (and not in the most positive way), I couldn’t be helped to watch it. So I waited and waited and waited until I finally gave in. I watched both series in two days. It’s not difficult as the show is wildly entertaining and extraordinarily captivating. I’m exceptionally proud of the special effects team and the way they’ve incorporated mobile devices into the grand scheme of the scenes they’re connected with. They’re played out rather well on screen to the audience. I also cannot help but applaud the acting on both the parts of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch (sidenote: Benedict Cumberbatch has the most lovely voice it’s so silky and yum). Watching Sherlock made me fall ever so quickly in (dare I say) love with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dexter is a show my mother would not approve of. I have been watching Dexter for a while now and Michael C. Hall is absolutely one of my favourite actors. The character Deb is so beautifully written. She’s not your typical girl and I think that’s something that needs to be written into more scripts. Julie Benz, I believe, is the name of the actress that portrays Deb and she really does a phenomenal job. The season I really liked of Dexter was probably the one with Colin Ford (I think his name is). Where he portrayed a serial killer who believed himself almost similar to a prophet. It was really really good. I definitely recommend checking out this show unless you’ve a faint heart. (caution: this show contains large amounts of substance abuse, language abuse, sexual abuse, extreme violence…)

Gossip Girl is a show I started watching recently because I had been hearing so many wonderful things about it. Blair Waldorf is the epitome of how I wish I could dress. Her outfits are always so beautiful. The show is a lot of drama and, at times, too dramatic for me. I have a tendency of watching two or seven episodes and not watching it again for two weeks. Chuck Bass is my favourite male character because, underneath that hard exterior, there is someone cracking and crumbling beneath the surface. I can vouch for Chuck a lot of the time. Can he be an idiot? Of course. But I can still understand him. The death of his father took such a toll on him and, wow. I don’t know what it is but I am very protective of Chuck. Dan and Nate piss me off to no end. Dorota and Eric are actually my favourite characters!

Well that’s all the time I have tonight/today! If you want to talk about any of your favourite shows OR you want to leave me suggestions about which shows I should watch, comment here or message me on tumblr!

Xoxo, not Gossip Girl


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