I have noticed how much more difficult it is for other people to attempt to see the point of view of someone else. Why is that so complicated? Is it so difficult to believe there is someone out there who thinks so differently from ourselves? And why is it a crime that they do?

Food for thought.

I am not like most children. Or teenagers, for that matter. I am not an adult and I do not wish to become one any time soon. Growing up seems like nothing but a mess.

It’s a bit like the education system. We spend years and years and years in misery, thinking it will provide us a better future filled with joy, happiness, and economic prosperity. In the end, all it does is provide more years and years and years filled with misery.

Tell me why I need to pay to take classes that do not remotely interest me or relate to that which I intend to get my degree?

I will spend copious amounts of money attempting to repay the loans I’ve taken out for classes in the education system that I wish I’d never taken in the first place. I will spend countless hours studying for subjects I didn’t know existed and are mandatory requirements to graduate from a university in the state of California that appear to serve no purpose.

It all seems so useless.

That’s my opinion on it an there is nothing wrong with that. Regardless of the fact that it may be different from yours. Your opinion is YOUR opinion. That doesn’t make it “more right” or “more wrong”. There are no right or wrong opinions.

It sometimes blows my mind to see that society has difficulty wrapping its mind around this concept.


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