Finding A Husband

I’m nineteen years old.

I am in my second year of college.

I work at a restaurant.

I am not looking to get married any time soon.


I come from a semi-traditional Greek family.

I have a semi-traditional Greek aunt.


Today, this “semi-traditional Greek aunt” popped in for a visit because of her (irritating) obsession with my eleven month old little brother. She asked the usual questions:

  1. How’s work?
  2. How’s school?
  3. How’s life?
  4. Are you talking to any boys?
The answer to the first three are usually “fine”, but the last one is always a definite “no”. Not because I’m not “looking”, but more because I’m not finding. I’m not finding anyone willing of putting up with me long enough to be in a relationship with. If you saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you know that this is sacrilegious.
To  be entirely honest, I can’t focus on work or school long enough to have a stable relationship with and I’m still in that mode of thinking boys are fuckheads (sorry, boys, a lot of you are great buuuuuuuut there are a few (an equal amount) of y’all who are obscene and…fuckheads).
My aunt proceeded to tell me that school is more important than work and I proceeded to joke and say “sure”. At this point, the entire room went silent. All eyes were on me as if I had just cursed my Pappou with the mati. I cleared my throat and she stared me directly in the eyes, telling me that my classes are of vital importance, as they lead to getting a better job and with a better job…a good husband.
My yiayia and my aunt had both decided now would be a good idea to press me on how important finding a husband was because “that’s what all girls want”. Well, this girl is nineteen and can wait a few years. I proceeded to get increasingly irritated (as she is currently making me). They continued to stress the importance of finding a husband.
If this is why my family wants me to go to college and get a good job, I quit now.
This is utterly stupid and a waste of my education.
It’s an insult to my intelligence.
I don’t live now, nor will I choose to live in the future, under the thumb of someone else. Man or woman. I will not live under the thumb of my husband. I will not go to school and get a “good job” solely for the benefit of “finding a good husband”.
I will go to college to find a good job. To get a good job somewhere I both deserve and am happy with. Somewhere I enjoy. To be happy.
That should be enough for everyone.
My happiness.

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