First Impressions

There’s kind of been this guy I’ve had my eye on for a while. We’re similar in a few regards. More than one, for sure. He seemed sweet, endearing, charming, down-to-earth, dorky, and (my personal favourite) funny.

We’d talked a time or two before and it seemed like we had a sincere connection. Since then I’ve found I was wrong. Aside from not being remotely interested in me, he is also incredibly rude. I cannot tell if I said something that might have sparked it, but regardless, it is entirely a turn-off. Not even as friends. His personality (slightly pretentious and lacking in manners) slightly deters me from ever wanting to further a friendship (or something more).

As I sit here today, directly across from him, I realize how much I wish I were wrong.

Each time I see him, I cannot help but think, “maybe this time will be different”, and, alas, it never is.

It never will be.

Some things really weren’t meant to be. Some people really weren’t meant to be.

Sometimes first impressions are disastrously wrong.


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