Candles + Fall


I love candles.

By this I mean, I love candles.

This time of year is the best for lighting candles. The warm scent of pumpkin, cinnamon, cranberry, hazelnut and just overall goodness enveloping your home is the most delightful thing possibly ever invented.

The smell of cranberry (fall inspired) candles is like walking down a street with foliage surrounding everywhere as you step on crisp leaves. Ah, you can practically smell it, can’t you? You’re imagining the burgundy shade, the street, the trees, the leaves, the fruit…everything.

Apple scented candles/soaps/hand sanitizers are my favorite things on this side of the continental US. Thank you, Bath & Body Works, for feeding my addiction. In regards to crisp and fruit, this is it. The motherload. The only thing you need to remind you of the best season ever. Crisp, juicy apples. It is reminiscent of apple-picking or bobbing for apples. You can practically picture the ladder leaning across a tree, where the foliage is large and green and beautiful. The trees look welcoming, inviting; come try an apple, they’re calling. You can practically imagine biting into that juicy red apple, the taste of heaven lingering on your tongue.

Hazelnut. Goodness, don’t even get me started. Hazelnut is like sitting across the fireplace in a large armchair. You’re holding your mug of hot chocolate in both hands, wrapping your fingers around the warm sides. It’s finally the perfect temperature-not too hot and not too cold. The fireplace is loud, cracking and sizzling as the fire warms the entire room. You bring the cup to your lips and take a long awaited sip. As it goes down your throat, it warms you to the core. You feel yourself sliding into relaxation and comfort. It’s like home.



When I was a child, my mother’s favorite season was fall. For seemingly obvious reasons. She would fill our home with autumn-scented candles, she would plant pumpkins in every corner. There would be autumn candies (candy corn, the candy pumpkins, and my mother’s favorite-Reese’s Peanut Butter cups) in every nook and cranny. To not like autumn was sacrilegious in our home.

I grew up with these things. They are my childhood.

Candles remind me of a simpler time, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups remind me of my mother, and pumpkins remind me of home.

I now live with my father. My stepmother is not exactly a fan of candles, for she fears I may burn down the house (I think). I have yet to burn down a house, so I’m not entirely certain why I am not trusted with something as simple as a few candles. I can purchase candles, but I am not allowed to light them. This…is sacrilegious to me. This is not something that is “okay”.

The same day I was with Scarlett, scrambling to find something for her dress, we stumbled our way (okay, okay, ran our way) into Bath & Body Works to get a better look at the candle sale they were having. Believe you me when I say I have never felt so heart broken in my life.

  1. First and foremost, candles are not exactly “cheap”. Yes, I had money in the bank, but not enough for what I was looking for. See, with the unfortunate design of my room, I cannot have a random mess of candles that do not match at all. They must match. Therefore, I need to buy candle holders. Candle holders are also not exactly “cheap”. Problem #1
  2. There are too many beautiful ones to simply pick out a few and be content.
  3. I don’t want the scents to be competing against each other. But I also don’t want to have 594548954 candles that all smell the exact same. Candlelovers, do you see my problem?
  4. I haven’t entirely decided if I want to get tealight candles (the very small ones) and put them in various locations all over my room OR get a large one and a few small ones OR just a few small ones! Hashtag problems.
  5. I can’t even light them…do you see my problem?
Either way, fall is almost over and I have no candles that are remotely decent to speak of. I am heartbroken and out of candles.



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