It is 736 am.

I have one cappuccino in my hands. It is warm and comforting. Handling the cup with extra caution, so as to cherish and not spill a single drop, I think carefully about today’s promising events.

Today’s prompt…prompts an interesting question about character. To whom do I relate? Why do I relate to this person? Yes, in simple terms, the prompt only asks me to discuss my favorite character.

Regardless, I will discuss Dr. Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds.

The qualities he possesses which I find admirable.

  1. He has an IQ of 185.
  2. He can read 20,000 words a minute.
  3. He has three PhDs which he obtained at a very young age.
  4. He recovered from an addiction to dilaudid.
  5. He recovered from being held hostage twice and being shot at a multitude of times.
  6. He consistently puts himself in harms way for the benefit and safety of those he loves most.
Spencer Reid is, in my eyes, a hero. He is far too young to have seen the things he has seen and, yet, he takes everything with a grain of salt. Spencer has not exactly had the most beneficial nor “normal” childhood. He did not go on dates with girls, he did not attend the “spring formal”. He has been deeply wounded, hurt, and broken in more ways than one. Yet, he overcomes. He prevails and he goes about his day. He, much like myself, pours himself a cup of coffee and goes about his day.
That is why Dr. Spencer Reid is my hero. To some it is a simple quality, but to me it is the world.
He takes everything with a grain of salt.

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