Learned Helplessness

And the day begins.

The curtains open and the misogynist takes centre stage. All eyes are on him as he opens his mouth and begins to speak. He’s wearing sunglasses for whatever reason. We are indoors and it is 940 in the morning. The sun is hardly out. But this is a day to day habit for him. Wearing sunglasses indoors.

His logic is somewhat skewed. Allegedly, his definition of schizophrenia is “you plus a stressor”. Didn’t realize I was schizophrenic. He speaks in circles, as though he is completely unaware that his logic is somewhat lost in translation.

We’ve somehow moved from discussing walking to schizophrenia to boy scouts back to walking.

He takes the symptoms of an average person and diagnoses them with a mental disorder. Apparently a multitude of people do that regardless of actually having any form of a license to do that. Additionally, there are those who haven’t read enough books, taken enough classes, studied enough cases to diagnose anything or anyone.

I don’t believe every walking person with some slight abnormality has a mental disorder.

That was one of the critiques of the DSM.

Making a mental disorder or personality disorder of everything we sincerely enjoy a lot. Or turning “excessive eating” into a disorder. I apologize, I like to eat a lot. I don’t find myself a person with a disorder.

The misogynist requests that we discuss five words in relation to psychology.

I’ve chosen:







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